Guide to using the MediSave Maternity Package

27 Feb 2019 

​Welcoming a new addition to the family is another milestone in life that can be supported with MediSave. Here’s how the MediSave Maternity Package (MMP) can help to ease your maternity costs.

Guide to using the MediSave Maternity Package

With the MMP, parents can use their MediSave for pre-delivery and delivery expenses. You may withdraw up to $900 for pre-delivery expenses such as consultations and ultrasound scans. For the delivery, you may withdraw up to $550 per day for the first two days, and up to $400 for each subsequent day in the hospital, plus an additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 and $3,950 depending on the type of delivery procedure.

MediSave can be used at both public and private hospitals. Follow these 3 easy steps to make your claim for delivery expenses under the MMP:

  1. Keep all your receipts for pre-delivery care, including pre-natal consultations, ultrasound scans, tests and medication.

  2. Present the receipts to the hospital where your baby was delivered.

  3. The hospital will help you claim both the delivery and pre-delivery expenses under the MediSave Maternity Package.​

Information updated as at 8/3/2021

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