What A Calendar Should Look Like, If You Care About Your Personal Finance

10 Apr 2018 
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Important Dates That Concern Your Finances
Don’t we all sometimes wish Calender templates didn’t just come with public holidays, but also important dates like when we should file our taxes when common sales dates are, and most importantly, a reminder not to forget when Mothers’ day is?

Well, we compiled a little something that could serve as a useful reminder to everyone to keep track of your life as well as important dates that concern your finances.
financial calendar

Here’s a further breakdown of what some of the dates listed in our calendar entail:

The Financial (Fiscal) Year
The Financial Year runs from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. This assists the calculation of taxes and other financial-related investments. Quarterly checkpoints are often noted to set company goals and so on.

Planning Your Financial Resolutions For The New Year: January
The time of New Year Resolutions, hope, newfound confidence and also, panic.

January is the best time for you to make some solid financial goals that will guide you throughout the arduous year.​

Some things you can do are:

  • Automate your expense tracking and finances
  • Clear your debts
  • Kick a bad lifestyle habit, pick up a new healthy one
  • Check if you have sufficient insurance coverage
  • Track your expenses
We wrote in-depth about the above list of Personal Finance New Year resolutions you can and probably should make. Perhaps now’s a good time to check in on them!

FY Investment Full Year Results + SG Budget Speech: February
The Singapore Budget is prepared for each financial year, including revised government revenue and expenditure projections for the current financial year, as well as planned government revenue and expenditure for the upcoming financial year.

During this period, companies will also announce the consolidated and audited Full Year Investment results.

In short, this is the month where very important financial information is rolled out, so pay attention!

Filing Income Tax: March
Remember to pay your mandatory taxes by either paper filing or eFile it on the myTax Portal. As your income tax return needs to be filed by April every year, sit yourself down early to properly sort out your personal income tax and figure out how you can (legally) reduce your taxable income. For further reading, we wrote an income tax filing guide here. We got your back!

BTO Launches: Feb, May, Aug, Nov (Quarterly)
If you’re looking to get a home with your partner, these months are hugely important to you! Build-To-Order (BTO) sales roll out quarterly and you can apply for a BTO, Executive Condominium or Resale Flat on the HDB Portal.

Remember, consider these couple of factors: location, price, potential resale value and the condition of the house before you make your potential lifelong purchase! For a comprehensive guide to doing this, check out our Singapore Property Cheat Sheet.

Great Singapore Sale: June – August
“Just take my money!”

The Great Singapore Sales (GSS) runs over a period of over 2 months, offering discounts and bargains island-wide. Branded boutiques or small shops will all be ready for this season, so make sure your wallet is too!

Travel Seasons
Peak traveling periods are important to take note so you can estimate when are the pricier periods to travel, and when you can get cheaper deals (non-peak).

Remember to look out for Travel Fairs like the one coming up on 23rd March!

Also, choose the best travel insurance based on your needs and real user reviews to travel with a peace of mind.

“Sell in May, buy in November” Strategy: May & Nov
Ever heard of “Sell in May and Go Away”?

Some people agree that investment returns are generally higher between the periods of November to April. Over the past 7 years, these periods did not give a negative return to investors. Perhaps this tells us that investors should stay invested during those periods.

A String of Year-End Sales: November & December
Some important dates your wallet needs to take note:

11/11 Singles’ Day Sales

23/11 Black Friday Sales

26/11 Cyber Monday Sales

12/12 Online Fever Sales

*dates subjected to change every year

These are all on top of Christmas and New Years’ deals, and year-end clearance sales all around. These dates are a must-know so you can treat yourself to a shopping spree at the end of a long year, plus buy Secret Santa gifts and birthday presents.

Localised content on lifestyle hacks and personal finance tips, takes a swipe at making content “very Singaporean” over at Seedly's Ins​tagram Account.​

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