I Wanna Be Rich Too: Attitude is Altitude!

11 Mar 2013 
SOURCE: Peter Lim

Many of us dream about being rich, I can even go ahead and say that all of us dream of the day where we’re able to walk into any store in the world, see an object of pleasure, and buy it – all without knowing how much the item costs! When you’re that wealthy, nothing in this world has the ability to make a dent in your bank account.

Perhaps you don’t belong to that category. Perhaps you don’t dream of having that many zeros in your bank account. Perhaps you’re just yearning for the day where you have the luxury of going for that one holiday a year with your family, and if there is surplus, to obtain that ever elusive car (what’s with the crazy COE prices now?), and still have enough to send your children for their additional enrichment classes.

Seemingly, two different end goals but with one key to unlock both locks. What is that key, you may ask? That my friends, is the title of my header. A T T I T U D E!

Whatever your goals are, the key element in determining your success is Attitude.

Let’s have a simple exercise right now.

  1. Grab a piece of paper, or as we so often do in our digital world, whip out your cell phones / tablets to a fresh page.
  2. Think of the phrase “I am going to be a multi-millionaire!” Write down the first five words / thoughts that come to your mind in the process.

What have you written down? Is the list below reflective of your thoughts?

  • Not now, my children are my priorities.
  • It can only be a dream.
  • Money is evil.Money makes people corrupt.
  • Ha, never even thought of it!

You see, our attitude determines our success. This has been said so many times, that if I had a dollar for every time I see this phrase, or hear it from someone, I would be a millionaire by now! Cliché as it is, as I move on in my life, from the life stories of others and myself, this phrase echoes increasingly loud. Be it in terms of your personal life goals, or for your financial goals, shape up your attitude!
Life deals us with bad cards, but you decide how you’re going to play those cards.
Who says you can’t be rich? Why do you choose to believe in that lie? Decide on your financial goals, and work towards them. If you do not have the end in mind, you will never be able to “achieve” financial freedom!

Personally, I did not come from a privileged family. My family always had to struggle to make ends meet. My father was a gambler, and eventually, due to some bad decisions, he caused the whole family to move into a downward spiral debt.

However, not once did I tell myself that I was a “loser”, that my role was only to help to clear the debts, I saw myself as a millionaire! Through the crisis, I saw lessons. My father’s experience acted as a teacher to me. I saw that money was important, that more often than not, it was the key factor in enabling a family to survive. I made up my mind to study hard (because as a child, you learn that to earn big bucks, you had to ace your exams), whilst I was not academically inclined, I doubled the effort placed into studying.

Although I did not do well enough to make it to the “Express” stream, I eventually ended up top of my “Normal Academic” stream, and did well enough to make it to Polytechnic and eventually to a University. Throughout my academic years, I received very little support from my family (they were busy trying to make ends meet), which made it even harder to succeed. But I held steadfast to my goal of “becoming rich”.

That was also one of the reasons why I decided to enter the Financial Advisory industry. There were no limits to what you could achieve, only how much one was willing to put in to achieve the results that were needed. By all accounts, I have now achieved some measure of success, and no longer have to worry about making ends meet. But yet, I continually strive to outdo myself, to achieve more!
There have been times along the way where I was tempted to give up. I thought of giving up my studies as I wasn’t academically inclined, and the time spent studying could have been spent earning spare cash to support the family. But when I looked around and saw that this would never work in the future, I pressed on.

To sum it up, my attitude created my future. My attitude placed me where I am today. Your attitude will determine if you achieve your retirement goals. Your attitude will determine if you are able to achieve financial freedom by age 45. Your attitude unlocks the future, and releases your dreams and goals.
Step by step, coupled with the right attitude, who’s to say that….


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